Beaches, Snorkeling and Whales. Oh My!

Our local beach has a shelter that is a bizarre mix of stuff.

Our local beach has a shelter that is a bizarre mix of stuff.

After a couple of days in PTY it was time to return to the campo to show Prima Mejor our lovely beach community.  It was also a good opportunity to travel over the Bridge of the Americas and the Pan American highway by bus.Bridge

The bus trip was somewhat uneventful from my perspective because I’ve done it so many times but it’s always interesting to experience things through another person’s eyes.  Yes, it’s a little strange to see the bus stop periodically for travelers on the highway and this sparked a conversation about how bus drivers in Canada are only permitted to pick people up and drop people off at sanctioned stops. This has upset some of the smaller communities as the buses no longer pick up or drop off there.

We arrived into Chitre midafternoon and I remembered how terribly hot it is there when we hit a wall of hot, dry air. We then ventured over to Riba Smith.  Once there PM was very pleased to find the natural peanut butter she’d been in search of.  After picking up a few items we were off to the campo.

The following days were filled with beach walks and a trip to Isla Iguana.
4 Beach
3 Beach 2 Beach 1 BeachI’ve written about Isla Iguana a few times, it is our little “heaven on earth” a short boat ride across the water from us.  (If you’ve missed these posts and wish to read them you can follow these links by clicking on them:Escape to Iguana Island  Isla Iguana, Panama  Isla Iguana  Isla Iguana ~ Does Life Get Any Better? )

For this trip we paid a few extra dollars to spend some extra time looking for whales.  We didn’t find any on our way over but Captain Luis was determined that he would find whales for us even though it is now becoming late in the season.  So after spending most of the day lounging in the clear blue water, picnicking and snorkeling we set off to find some on our way back.  And find some we did, a momma and her calf.  The pictures aren’t so great but you really have to be there to appreciate the beauty of these creatures and PM was thrilled to have seen them.

The next day we went beach walking once again on some of our favorite beaches just a short car ride away…in the campo.


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2 Responses to Beaches, Snorkeling and Whales. Oh My!

  1. It’s always fun to share the places we love with others and experience again the wonder and appreciation for something new or unique to an area. After so much time in Mexico and Central America (and not a little effort) we never did get a chance to see any whales so I can definitely appreciate your sister’s excitement at seeing these creatures! Anita

    • indacampo says:

      The first time I went whale watching was off of Vancouver Island. Just me and the hubby and the tour guide. I completely understood the desire to see them. We’re so lucky that we can stand onshore oftentimes and see them when they are here between July and October.

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