Talk Thursday ~ The Mind is Too Beautiful to Waste

We watch a bit of the History Channel in the evening, our channels come in through our SKY satellite via Mexico so we’re probably a little behind in what is showing in North America. SU has been watching a series that is a couple of years old called Battles BC. It’s kind of hit a miss when he catches it, but all of our television channels repeat things over and over so we’ll see all the parts of the series eventually.

The other evening we caught The Last Stand of the 300. Most of us are familiar with the movie 300 starring Gerard Butler as Leonidas, king of the Greek city-state of Sparta. 300 men stay behind to stage a critical battle against the Persians so other warriors can live to fight another day.  As I was half listening by multitasking, reading a book and watching television at the same time, I learned that if the remaining army of a few hundred men faced incredible odds. The staging of this unwinnable fight eventually unified all the city-states of Greece into a single nation and changed the course of Western civilization. How? Greek politics, beliefs and culture began to spread after this critical battle along with the concept of democracy. And it all began with the 300 at the Pass of Thermopylae.

The video I bring you today is about critical thinking. One of the things the presenter asks the viewer to do is to research what “fallacy’’ means, as we are surrounded by it constantly in traditional and social media. Fallacy is an idea or belief that is false but that many people think is true, especially one based on unsound argument. Every child needs the skills of critical thinking, they are necessarily important ones in our world.

My mind works in strange and mysterious ways, I admit, and it’s something I’m grateful for. I can take a subject and twist and turn it and research it and be quite happy doing so. SU often says that I’m an expert at UFI (Useless F*****g Information). I don’t consider myself an expert, I just like to consider myself informed and open-minded. There has been much talk about “democracy”, a pretty important concept that many will interpret to suit themselves.  Many people don’t bother to use critical thinking before spouting off about a topic and they are not only…in the campo.


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One Response to Talk Thursday ~ The Mind is Too Beautiful to Waste

  1. waaaa, says the video is no longer available because the person closed their account.
    Yes though, lots of fallacy going around. Sometimes I wonder how people can think what they do, but I’m sure they wonder the same about me.

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