More Critters in the Hood

A while ago I posted about Rock Doves taking up residence in the trees lining our driveway.  Most days you’d never know that there’s a nest there although once in a while we see a little brown bird slide out and then return.

The nest is pretty difficult to see as it is tucked up into the truck of our Buddha Tree and the drooping leaves of the tree make for very good cover.  I did manage to get a few pictures of the little nest and the tail end of an occupant:

A good view of the tail over the nest.

A good view of the tail over the nest.

A little body if you look closely.

A little body if you look closely.

Tip of bird tail over the nest.

Tip of bird tail over the nest.

The last few days have brought us more nest construction.  This time inside the yard in the limón tree which thus far has borne no fruit.  This tree is covered in thorns and backs up against the fence so it allows the birds to be protected from intruders and come and go without coming into the yard.  This time it’s the Ani’s that have decided to take up occupancy:
2 Ani 1 Ani They’ve been collecting dry bits and ripping pieces off the Moringa trees to add a bit of color in the mix. I managed to get a close up of the construction:Ani Nest We’ve decided that if they want live in the yard they’ll have to get used to Dos Gatos and us being out there with them.  Thus far they’ve come and gone depending on how much noise there is, returning to continue construction each time. Ani on post Bandit has taken cover under one of the bushes to watch them and he’s found that he can get a good look from the higher position of the back door.BanditContrary to how these birds that are relatives of the cuckoo look they have a very pretty chirp to them.  We’ll enjoy have some more company of the bird kind…in the campo.


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4 Responses to More Critters in the Hood

  1. Nature is fascinating to watch 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, I’ve always enjoyed watching critters. I think it’s something that my mother taught me early on. 🙂

  2. Squab is delicious!

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