El saltamontes

The other day I noticed Bandit sitting on the floor staring intently at something in the window.  When I looked there was a colossal grasshopper staring back at me:

It didn’t take long before el saltamontes tired of Bandit and I inspecting it too closely and it unfolded its massive wings and flew into one of the hibiscus bushes in the front garden:

Later SU informed me that it was likely the same insect that has munched happily on some of the larger leaves throughout ours and our neighbour’s gardens. We don’t normally see too many of these insects during Wet Season but we lack the large amount of moisture we usually get and nothing seems normal this year.

I’d say this critter has all the angles covered filling up on lush green leaves…in the campo.

To see more interpretations of this week’s WP Photo Challenge go here.

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4 Responses to El saltamontes

  1. Megan says:

    Ive been catching a lot of insects in and around my garden. Great little “buggers” to capture. Great photos!

  2. That IS a big one!


  3. Mabel Kwong says:

    That really is a massive grasshopper. But it looks so friendly and cute, especially in the last shot where you can clearly see its spindly arms hanging onto the plant stems 😀 It must love your gardens very much. No shortage of food for it 🙂

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