The Computer Lab

As I mentioned yesterday, Connie and I were off to La Laguna on Wednesday to watch friend Margaret’s presentation about Sea Turtle conservation  Upon arriving and being greeted by Margaret and the Principal we were shown into a room in the school that I consider an anomaly in Panama.  It was air-conditioned and  had a good amount of what looked to be up to date, desk top computers along two walls of the room.

Along another wall there was a large picture that demonstrated the common names for the physical parts, which you can see and touch, the hardware.  And all these items were overseen by one tech person in that lovely air-conditioned room.  AIR-CONDITIONED!!  Margaret informed us upon our arrival that all the rooms at the school were air-conditioned courtesy of an organization that also had a large sign on the wall the Fund for New World Development.

Naturally, being the curious sort I had to go home and find out what this organization is all about.  If you’d like to do your own research you can click on the link above or here is the condensed version:

Sherwood and Carol Guernsey were in Panamá from 1969-71 as Peace Corp Volunteers (The Peace Corps is a volunteer program run by the United States government);

They were in based La Laguna (about a 15 minute drive from us). Carol was in the Azuero Women’s Program, and Sherwood worked in agriculture with Segundo Cano as his mentor.

For 40 years, they had no contact with anyone in Panama, but in 2011, they returned to La Laguna, to see if it still existed;

But, Panameños never forget, as they renewed their friendships they told them that they wanted to work with them to help the village in whatever they thought it needed;

They discovered that Panama’s biggest problem is that there are plenty of jobs, but there are not enough people qualified to fill them, people who have computer skills and English; and

The result is Computer Lab in La Laguna de Pocri, Los Santos,. Laboratorio de Computación en La Laguna de Pocrí, Los Santos, Panamá, the lovely room that we sat on Wednesday. And now the philanthropy of the foundation is spreading to other towns in the area.

There are various open hours posted on the outside, and the room is even available on Saturday.  It’s a lovely room and I can’t get over all the AIR CONDITIONING (besides the lovely computers)…in the campo.La Laguna roomWP_20150812_09_33_58_ProLa Laguna outside


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  1. Check out the computer lab in the one room school house in Los Destiladeros.

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