Talk Thursday ~ A Miracle

At our Animal Advocate meeting on Tuesday friend Margaret invited those who wanted to attend a presentation she gives to local school children about turtle conservation on behalf of Grupo Tortugas Pedasi. Connie and I took her up on the offer to understand what works when presenting information as our group would like to do presentations at the local schools about animal care and sterilization.  So we were off to La Laguna to the comfort of the beautiful, air-conditioned computer lab in the local school (more on that tomorrow).

The presentation was ery much in the way that the children here enjoy and uses the same techniques I’ve discovered from my English teaching experiences.  Short, simple and low tech works the best and everyone likes to be involved, even if they don’t know it at first.

La Laguna 2 The video today covers most of what the children heard yesterday.  Margaret and her helper placed an emphasis of not disturbing the turtles with loud noises, white light and by driving on the beaches during nesting season (something that is still permitted in our area).  One of the main ideas that they hoped to drill into young people is not to disturb nests and to dissuade the children (and their parents) from gathering eggs.  And I think Margaret’s on the right track, start them young…in the campo.

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2 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ A Miracle

  1. Yes, that is great to teach them at a young age to respect their surroundings and wildlife.

  2. Richard was very active with the volunteer group for the sea turtle conservation project when we lived on Padre Island in Texas and we were so happy to learn during our travels that Mexico, Central and South Americas have conservation programs as well. One of the high points of a visit to Costa Rica was watching a sea turtle dig her nest and deposit her eggs – all under the careful supervision of a biologist. Truly awesome! Anita

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