Mystery Solved

For several weeks now we’ve had a froggy visitor that seems to begin to move around the outside of the house singing his froggy sound right about the time we’re sitting down to supper.  It’s become quite comical to us as we await the serenade to begin every evening.

We’ve tried to figure out where our friend stays during the day.  We explored around the hanging pots and usual places our friendly frogs have hung out in the past, but we’ve never been able to figure out where this one spends it’s time.  Nor have we laid eyes on our nocturnal visitor.  That is until today.

I went into the spare bedroom to put the bedside lamp upright that had been knocked down, likely by one of Dos Gatos.  When I looked up this is what I saw:frog 1 When I looked upon him from the outside of the screen he appeared to pose for me:frog 2 Si, he looks pretty suave and debonair…in the campo.frog 3frog 4


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One Response to Mystery Solved

  1. So cute…I love all of nature!

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