Arbol No More

We have a couple of construction projects ongoing on and around the calle.  One of the projects is in a westerly direction from us; an apartment building that will have 12 units and a swimming pool out front.

There are several large trees scattered among the lots across from us and when the builder was in the process of laying out the plan for the structure he found that one of the larger trees was in the way.  This necessitated the removal of said tree.treetree 1SU noticed that one of our vecino’s that works for the municipio collecting garbage and doing other jobs around town was the guy tasked to cut the tree down.  Surprisingly, he was using a chainsaw instead of the usual machete, but then again this was a pretty big task.

As the tree branches were overhanging our other vecino’s yard and garden SU suggested that perhaps some of the branches should be lowered gently by rope so as not to destroy our vecina’s lovely herb and vegetable garden.  His buddy agreed and SU supplied a length of rope from his vast rope collection. (After all one can never have too much rope.)tree 2 tree 3SU told our vecino that he had cojones grande to climb that tree.   Once again I’m amazed at the lack of fear or safety equipment our local Pedasieños have as they go about their work…in the campo.tree 4 tree 5 tree 6


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2 Responses to Arbol No More

  1. Interesting… but sad they had to cut the tree down.

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