Nuestros pisos

The floors in our house are laid with hand-made clay tiles.  The tiles were put in rows to dry in the sun after making them and critters, both animal and human walked across them and left their imprint for all time.

For instance this tile in our main living area has heel prints in it:piso 1We have several tiles with vulture prints in them:piso 2 piso 3 piso 4And a few have cat and dog prints:pisos 5 pisos 6  pisos 7 The tiles, like the concrete in the house itself, keep a lot of moisture in them for the first year resulting in a battle with constant mold and mildew in the house.   Now that we’ve been in the house three plus years only small touch ups of the sealer and a wash with a special cleaner are required to keep up the tiles and mystery molds have pretty much disappeared.

I like the differentness of our pisos and every day I walk through my little house in Panama they are beneath my feet.

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5 Responses to Nuestros pisos

  1. How very cool to have these traces of human/animal life in your tiles!

  2. pklainer says:

    I actually love the footprints in the tiles. Don’t think I’d like the mold though. Didn’t know that happened with freshly made tiles. Just think of all the new skills you learn living in da Campo!

    • indacampo says:

      I like that they keep their coolness even on the hottest days. The whole house was a pain when we first moved in. No one ever told us that it takes a whole Estación seca for a new house to dry out. Thankfully it takes much less upkeep now. 🙂

      • pklainer says:

        Impressed at the range of your new skill set. Momentous choice, deciding to live in da Campo. Look where it’s brought you.

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