Talk Thursday ~The Most Enjoyable Path

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal. ~ Paulo Coelho

 I’ve just recently gotten my first “smart”phone.  It’s a nice phone and uses Windows-based technology and even has Office 365 on it and a variety of other different apps.  My phone and I are just getting to know each other.  SU doesn’t even want to come near it but it memorizing the pings and dings that tell me if I have an email or a new message on FaceBook.   I don’t imagine myself as ever being one of those people who is constantly checking my phone in fear that I will miss something but it is nice to do a quick check on the weather forecast or news.

I haven’t put any data time on it yet as I haven’t found the need, for now I’m using our WiFi at home. One of the apps I’m interested in trying once I do get data is the GPS. SU likes maps and we have a really nice paper map of Panama that we bought from our friend (if you’d like one of these lovely maps you can find them at Expat Imports). We do have a Garmin but have never bothered getting maps of Panama loaded into it.

The way we navigate has changed dramatically with GPS mapping programs. Plug in your start and end place and the program will give you the shortest route from your starting point to end point, most new cars even come with built-in GPS.   The problem is that if you want to see something of the place you’re in, and not take the most direct route the GPS apps don’t give much choice.  Daniele Quercia and his co workers at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona are working to change that.  Watch the video, I found it interesting, after all if what Paulo Coelho says is true, routine is lethal.


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