Chickens in the Wild

My favourite time of day is early morning when the sun has barely started to rise and the birds and other critters are twittering and talking and moving about. Most people don’t appreciate the sound of the rooster crowing but I think it adds to the morning ambiance.

Quite a few chicken in the pueblo are free range, left in the yard to run at will, cage less. Some are so free range that they don’t seem to have a home, they are the wild chickens left to wander the streets and roost in the grass. We have one such chicken family around our street. I’m not really sure who they belong to or if they have owners at all. Their numbers go up and down as does the ratio of roosters to chickens. Sometimes there is a little clutch of babies running around their momma’s feet and sometimes not.

Our “gallinas de calle” have taken a liking to the areas in front and around our house, we often find them out scratching about in the garden. SU doesn’t like them in there he says they mess up his ground cover but I think it’s good. The birds pick off some of the bugs from the plants and the ground, a natural pesticide.

The other day Bandit was very alert as he looked out the door. He was watching “chicken television” I joined him in watching as a lone rooster stood on alert as the harem clucked about enjoying a tasty snack and the other roosters minded their own business in the wild and…in the campo.
Bandit watching chickenschicken1chicken2rooster1chickenBandit still watchingchicken5chicken4rooster2chckens6


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6 Responses to Chickens in the Wild

  1. I always enjoy watching chickens..they can be comical and entertaining 🙂

  2. pklainer says:

    I’m one of those who loves the sound of roosters crowing to announce the new day, although I never get up as early as the birds do!

  3. Do they ever leave you a present of a free range egg?

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