Las abejas y los bomberos

Bomberos (firemen) in Panama, much like any other country have many duties.  They are called to transport a person from one of the outlying areas in the district to the local health centre, take a downed tree off the road and even put out a fire.

Earlier this year there was a report of aggressive bees that had taken to living inside on of the sewers in the unoccupied lots across from us.  Fearing that the bees were part of the spread in Panama of the African variety the bomberos were dispatched to take care of the problem.  It appears that the first eviction of the bees didn’t do the trick because a few days ago the bomberos were once again suiting up in front of our house.bees1 bees2The bees need to be controlled either at night when they return from their days journeys or on cooler, rainy days such as this one.  As I watched the bomberos go about their duties I noticed something and pointed it out to SU.  Can you guess what is odd about the way the three bomberos go about this dangerous job…in the campo?bee3bee4bee5bee6bee7bee8


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5 Responses to Las abejas y los bomberos

  1. One person is not suited up and I’m not so sure of the safety of having a fire on top of the sewer grate as the noxious gases might ignite.

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, I wondered what the point was of the other two being suited and the one guy standing there watching. I don’t know if the sewer gas would be much of an issue as that line hasn’t been in use but gas from our line could have traveled up causing a problem. 🙂

  2. Maybe he is the “Bee Whisperer”?

  3. Protective Suit, I don’t need no Protective Suit, I am a Policeman, not a whimpy Fireman!

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