Mi inspiración

I can usually manage to entertain myself by observing the world around me and trying to make every day occurrences interesting enough to make the day worthwhile. Some days something as simple as a news item or a little quote that inspires me.

Lately there has been many changes on and around the calle. There is a new tiny house behind a house that people have begun living in despite there being no windows. Construction is progressing on fairly large house being built on a little tiny lot just down the road. Soon building will begin on a 12 unit apartment across the way from us.

Today there was some work being done at the top of the road that entail using a backhoe front end loader. There was some extra dirt left over from the project and once the road was filled in the drive of the large machine proceeded to deliver loads of what remained to one of our neighbours. Unfortunately at about the fourth load the driver got a bit too cocky backing down the narrow lane and slipped down the quebrada (drainage ditch). As I post this and the sun begins to set, work is still ongoing to get the massive machine out…in the campo.

backhoe6 backhoe5

backhoe1 backhoe2 backhoe3 backhoe4 backhoe9

backhoe7 backhoe8

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  1. Act in haste, Repent in leisure! ;>}}

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