Talk Thursday ~ Garbage

Libby McDonald is the Program Director of Global Sustainability Partnerships for MIT’s Community Innovators Lab (CoLab). Through independent studies and as research assistants, Libby’s students work on waste related projects in Nicaragua and Panama over spring break and during the summer months.

Work with the Kuna Yala people off the Caribbean Coast of Panama to develop approaches for waste control on islands is an active project for Libby and her students. These islands are working toward a zero waste policy, but they also have a steady stream of tourists who each bring dozens of PET water bottles, among other things.

Stick with the video, it starts off a little slow but later there is footage that demonstrates very clearly the garbage that accumulates along the shoreline of Panama and the reasons behind it.


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One Response to Talk Thursday ~ Garbage

  1. In the late 60’s I saw a “garbage Island” in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that was at least 3 Km across by 6-7 Km long. Imagine how big it must be today!

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