Our Borrowed Dog

On Saturday we woke to a beautiful blue sky morning.  Not wanting to waste the day we decided on a walk on the beach and decided to take our neighbour’s dog who is left alone for a great deal of the time. She’s a lovely girl who SU took to the sterilization clinic in April, solving our problem of having every male dog in town hanging about.

The other day I took same said borrowed dog for a walk and found two ticks clinging to her neck by her collar.  I quickly turned her around to come home and had SU help me remove them.  There’s been a great deal of trouble among the town dogs lately with Tick Fever.  The scientific name is Ehrlichisosis and the disease caused by the bite of the carrier tick.

Everyone I’ve talked to has agreed that the ticks appear worse this year and so is the tick disease.  SU and I have noted at least three poor creatures wandering our street that are suffering from it and at least one is in the end stages of succumbing to the illness.  The ticks like to hide in the high grass, weeds, and shrubs and there are several areas meeting that description around in our neighbourhood.  Several of the empty lots have not been tended to for a long time so the long grass is perfect tick territory.

SU has been very diligent about keeping our area clean and fumigated using an eco-friendly product.  We check Dos Gatos for creepy crawlies often even though cats aren’t as susceptible to ticks.  And we’ll continue to keep an eye on our borrowed dog…in the campo.

Dog1 Dog2 Dog3 dog4 Dog5


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5 Responses to Our Borrowed Dog

  1. Buena, Buena, you are so nice to take the lonely dog to the beach.
    What is the name of the product that you have been fumigating with and where did you get it?

    • indacampo says:

      The main product for the yard is called Eco Smart. It comes in a big white jug that you attach to the house to spray the trees and bushes. I’ve noticed that it does keep the bugs down and it is safe to use around the animals. SU buys it at Novey. The other product that isn’t so environmentally friendly but SU uses a couple times a year around here is Arrivo 6 EC in concentrate. Mello usually has it.

  2. Maybe you can name the borrowed dog, BD 🙂

    We use Interceptor pills once a month and Virbac Preventic Tick Dog Collar. We take them hiking all over the place and have not had any problems!

    Nice post!

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