Nothing to See Here

I’m in Canada visiting for a few weeks and it’s difficult not to draw comparisons between the two countries that I call home.  For instance, one of the myriad of complaints I hear about Panama is about litter.  As a passenger while driving from Calgary to Edmonton last weekend, I didn’t notice that the highways between the two cities were that different from Panama but in Canada a greater emphasis is on highway crews and/or volunteers keeping the roadways clean.

Around my mother’s house it’s the same.  Many homeowners take pride in their neighbourhood by picking up garbage carelessly discarded by people walking to and from the local Seven Eleven.  In Panama I often see elderly people cleaning around their houses and yet trash seems to accumulate in places where there are no homes.

Late yesterday afternoon Mom and I noticed pieces of a larger white object littering the sidewalk down the way a bit.  As the day progressed the pieces seemed to migrate on the grass as passers-by kicked them out of their way.  When I went out for my early morning walk this morning I looked closer and noticed it was a broken glass bowl, its larger fragmented pieces now scattered on both sides of the walkway and smaller pieces littered about.  It seemed that the people to whom the bowl once belonged to didn’t care that a dog or child might cut themselves so I gathered up the shards and placed them in the garbage as I would if I was home…in the campo.

Bowl 2 Bowl 2To see more of the WP Photo Challenge “Broken” go here.

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3 Responses to Nothing to See Here

  1. schuttzie says:

    Good for you that you picked it up!

  2. Tenga basura en Canada! Si!

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