Ungodly Noise at the Beach

Ungodly noise: Excessively or unreasonably loud.                                                       Force of nature: A person or creature possessing unnatural or God-like power.

I had a difficult time choosing just one thing to focus on for this week’s photo challenge. We’re surrounded by nature and all its majesty every day. Recently we saw the force of the waves when the tides rose to very high levels  shifting the sands and causing damage along the Pacific coasts. Not to mention that Dos Gatos are forces of nature themselves.

This afternoon we took a drive to one of our local beaches. The high waves have receded and did indeed change the landscape some in not so positive ways, but I’ll leave that for another post. Today while we were at the beach there was a pair of Southern Lapwings looking for their afternoon meal. Lapwings normally stay in fields and scrub but, as with most of the birds in our area, they seem to have also adapted to a bit of beach life.

I’ve posted about these noisy and very territorial birds before. Today was no exception, the beach was theirs and we were intruding. Although we stayed far enough away so as not to get dive bombed the birds still created an ungodly noise which to me makes them a force of nature not to be messed with…in the campo.

Lapwing 1 Lapwing 2 Lapwing 3 Lapwing 4

Lapwing 5Lapwing 6Lapwing 7

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2 Responses to Ungodly Noise at the Beach

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  2. schuttzie says:

    Great photos and those are pretty cool looking birds 🙂

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