Talk Thursday ~ Return of the Buzz

Labelled-cicada 2We’ve only had one or two days of rain the last couple of weeks and only one really good rainstorm thus far.  Although the rains haven’t returned in full force yet the night bugs are slowly beginning to return.  The cicada’s have begun their nighttime song and soon we’ll see the twinkling of the Firefly’s.

SU has noticed a few round holes around the yard since the humidity began to rise but he was unable to find what was making the holes. One of our theories is that it might be cicada nymphs emerging. Cicadas spend most of their life  underground, some for many years. When the nymph is big enough it digs its way to the surface with its front legs,usually at night.  Cicadas are singers and only the males are the noisemakers. As the day ends the cicadas begin serenading and as their numbers increase the sound will be louder, like a constant hum.

The video today is about cicadas in North America. In our warmer climate of Panama cicadas return every year with their nightly concerto…in the campo.


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2 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ Return of the Buzz

  1. Just one of the many night time sounds joining the crowing roosters, barking dogs, our neighbor beating the corn off the husks, gecko screams and music from the Cantina! TIP and we love it!

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