Wind and Tide

The last few days the Pacific coasts of the Americas have experienced very high tides.  In Panama, the National System of Civil Defense (Sinaproc) issued a warning that tides could reach up to 5.5 meters during high tide.  The high tides began on Friday and they are expected to continue until Wednesday.  It’s all part of transitioning between Dry Season to Wet Season and storms out at sea are creating the higher than usual waves.

The warnings have been issued for people to stay out of the water as the high tides create strong rip currents.  I’ve mentioned before that most of the rivers flow into the ocean and so when tides are high the rivers can also be very dangerous, bringing debris in with the current so people have also been asked to stay out of the rivers.

Some of the beaches were closed over the weekend which was a long weekend because of the Labor Day holiday on Friday.  There was also some damage to homes in Farallon, Rio Hato and Santa Clara the beach areas closer to the city and at the resort areas of the Royal Decameron and Buenaventura.

Yesterday, we took a trip out to see what we could see at Playa el Toro.  There were several people out there watching the water and the crashing waves.  There wasn’t much of a beach left and despite the warnings there was a small boat out on the water and a few young people standing around with boogie and surf boards.  I’m not sure if they were planning on going into the water, one might think so given that they had boards in hand.

This time of year brings changes to the beaches.  The shape and size alter considerably as rocks that were once exposed become covered by the sand brought in by the stronger and higher tides. The mouths of the rivers also shift in shape and size. It’s all part of the transition between our two seasons…in the campo.

Playa El Toro 9 Playa El Toro 1 Playa El Toro 2 Playa El Toro 3 Playa El Toro 4 Playa El Toro 5 Playa El Toro 6 Playa El Toro 7 Playa El Toro 8


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13 Responses to Wind and Tide

  1. Back Roads and Potholes says:

    Not good news, we are coming to Venao Beach next weekend. Planned to go fishing, surfing and snorkeling on Iguana Island. Typically how long do the high tides last?

    • indacampo says:

      These are supposed to be finished by Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s been overcast and windy the last couple of days with a few sunny breaks.

      • Back Roads and Potholes says:

        Thank you for your reply, my group will be thrilled! I simply can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes!

  2. You just got new Boggie Boards and you did not go out! ;>}}

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, and it’s sure churning up the sand. I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes the landscape. 🙂

  3. pklainer says:

    I’m sure the Buenaventura villa I rent will be inundated! These are serious waves; glad you’re staying out of the water until things calm down.

    • indacampo says:

      I was thinking the same when I saw some video from Playa Venao in our area. The pool etc. at one of the hotels is about the same distance as the pool at the house you rent. There was a lot of sand washed over the grass.

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  5. I just saw another warning today that there will be more high tides and big waves. I never knew this went on when the seasons change. Maybe I should go see what is going on at the beach near here.

    • indacampo says:

      The waves still seemed a bit higher than normal yesterday when we were at the beach closest to us although not as high as they were on the weekend.

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