Talk Thursday ~ Fragrance in the Wind

We planted a Ylang Ylang tree in the neigbouring yard where the wind will carry the fragrance into our yard,  Today, I thought I’d share a little information about this wonderfully fragrant tree.

Ylang Ylang

The Ylang Ylang is a fast growing tree that blooms year round.  The tree grows clusters of green flowers along the branches that become yellow with time.   The smallest flowers on the tree produce the most perfume and the tree is most aromatic as the sun goes down.  The plant has flowers throughout the year but it does very well in the rainy season and as the humidity began to rise in preparation for Wet Season so did the blooms on the tree.  Many well-known perfumes use Ylang Ylang with Chanel number 5 probably the best known.

The following is a video about growing Ylang Ylang in the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Comoros,  We’re very lucky to have this wonderfully fragrant plant so close that we can pluck the flowers for a good sniff.  It’s our form of aroma therapy…in the campo.


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6 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ Fragrance in the Wind

  1. schuttzie says:

    What a fabulous plant~ Very interesting video and sadly, that poor many doesn’t really get much for all his hard work harvesting the flowers. I bet they smell wonderful!!

    • indacampo says:

      They are gorgeous smelling. I don’t know that the flowers are harvested here other than as a cottage industry. I also found it insane that the growers get so little when perfume cost so much. Goes to show why Big Business is called “Big Business”.

  2. Mmmmmm that must be heavenly! Magnolia’s are in bloom here now & their scent sends me
    to heaven as well.

    • indacampo says:

      The Oleanders are blooming too. When the wind blows one direction I smell the Oleanders and the other the Ylang Ylang. We have a little type of magnolia but it doesn’t have a fragrance. We’ve just planted some fragrant Jasmine though (there’s a lot of false Jasmine here) so we’re looking forward to those!

  3. Would it possibly grow from a branch cutting? If so, if you see it being trimmed, please let me know and I will come down and get the cuttings. Gracias

    • indacampo says:

      I’m not sure how to propagate these, although I think the flower eventually turns to seed. I’ll investigate further… 🙂

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