Talk Thursday ~ It’s a Hairball!

Every once in a while one of Dos Gatos starts making a retching sound indicating that something is going to come forth from his innards.  Occasionally  it’s a weird bug or the body of a larger gecko that will emerge but sometimes  it’s just a hairball.

This morning Boomer hopped off from his post in the front window and ran by me making a sound as if he was possessed.  I immediately put SU on alert for what was going to be produced by that horrible retching sound.  He confirmed that it was indeed a hairball mixed in with some grass.  This pointed to Boomer having a little tummy trouble this morning and he was trying to add some fiber to his diet by eating the grass or, he’s trying to join the vaca population in the hood by eating like them.

We have the boys on dry kibble for house cats, even though they have the Grand Catio because it is a little higher in fiber.  Sometimes though, much like humans, gatos need a little help “moving things along” so I keep a tub of margarine in the refrigerator to help lubricate their digestive system.  I’ve found that this solution has worked best for our boys and this morning I put a healthy smear down Boomers leg which he groomed fastidiously, thereby swallowing it into his gullet to help get any residual hair moving along.  I happen to have a jar of coconut oil on hand and I also poured a little in my hands put it on him where he could reach to groom.  Next up will be a good brushing for Dos Gatos.

For this morning’s talk I’ve found a short video that answers some questions about cat hair balls for those of you with furbabies who have the occasional digestive issues, even if you’re not…in the campo.


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2 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ It’s a Hairball!

  1. what a great way to get a cat to consume margarine or oil – smear it on their body for them to lick it off! Very cunning….:-)

    • indacampo says:

      It’s best to try and get the whole leg or they just try and shake it off their foot without consuming it, defeating the purpose. 🙂

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