Fleeting Waves

ephemeral (ɪˈfɛmərəl)adj
lasting for only a short time; transitory; short-lived: ephemeral pleasure.

Yesterday I posted about how SU and I went boogie/body boarding.  We’d body boarded before with our own low-cost little boards and then we used our friends better boards and we were hooked.  We purchased two new boards for ourselves for Christmas but I was sick with Dengue over the holidays and beyond and then in early February we both had the flu.  Setting aside a day that wasn’t a weekend day (when we try to leave the beaches for the working folks) took a back burner to other “stuff” that we needed to do.

We finally just said “Let’s go!” and off we went after lunch to our favourite local beach to “catch some waves”.  Or in our case the whitewater that is a result of the waves.  The rides we caught lasted only a short time but brought us ephemeral pleasure…in the campo.


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9 Responses to Fleeting Waves

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  3. schuttzie says:

    Oh, that looks like so much fun! Paddle boarding is also a lot of fun. I’ve been wanting to learn to surf and will when we get to the caribbean long term. You need to take a break and enjoy your beautiful surroundings and what it has to offer, too.

    • indacampo says:

      One of the things that we said that we would not do when we moved here was not to take our surroundings for granted. Every once in a while when we start to slide we take the time to remember that vow. SU has tried paddle boarding but I haven’t. My middle name (should I ever have one) should be Klutz, so I’m a little frightened of what might happen. 🙂

      • schuttzie says:

        Well I believe that is middle name, also, haha! I’m sure you can do it with some practice…it is a balance thing. Wonderful vow to have and we all must take that vow. Live each day to the fullest and count our blessings 🙂

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  5. Love it! Love the photos!

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