Snapshot Sunday ~ 22/03/2015

We recently had a puerta de seguridad installed on the house that SU turned into a screen door.   During the day, while we are home we’ve kept the door open, bringing even more light and the outdoors in.  Dos Gatos are both enjoying the new addition…in the campo.

Bandit enjoying the afternoon breeze on his belly.

Bandit enjoying the afternoon breeze on his belly.

Boomer watching the world go by.

Boomer watching the world go by.


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5 Responses to Snapshot Sunday ~ 22/03/2015

  1. pklainer says:

    Assume the new door is a function of the petty crime wave you talked about. Rural Panama was never this way, and I hate to see it. Drugs are hugely destructive to the fabric of village life.

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, and we’ve done all the windows also. It has brought peace of mind to both of us especially Eric who was beginning to question if he was being too paranoid because of his background. It’s nice to be able to go out together now without him fretting about what might be happening. 🙂 And now, our home looks like many other Panameño houses.

      • pklainer says:

        for Karen: As you said, the violation is as much a sense that strangers are pawing through your home as it is losing valuable things. Good to keep vandals and burglars out.

  2. Gabi Roberts says:

    Do you cats hang out both inside and outside? Are there lots of dogs trying to catch the cats? Just wondering? Here in Mexico I tried letting ours out but the dogs here are really fast…we live in the bush…and in the end I just couldn’t handle the worry and so they have all had to resign themselves to being inside whilst we are here…very sad about that!

    • indacampo says:

      We’ve fenced our yard so that they can spend time outside but NOT outside the fence. We call it the Gatio and one of our friends calls it Gatanamo Bay. It’s pretty secure. 🙂

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