Talk Thursday ~ Muchas Palabras

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.             ~ Robin Williams ~

Most evenings, SU watches the news channel that begins with “F” and ends with “X”, mainly to watch Bill O’Reilly opine about Obama and the state of world affairs.  I usually skip this part of the evening’s festivities otherwise I might through my flippy through the screen when Mr. O’Reilly interrupts his guest/co-worker/paid contributor for the bazillionth time to give his “fair and balanced” view.

I often think that SU watches because Mr. O’Reilly offers a “word of the day”.  It’s usually an obscure word that one would not usually use in daily language and I’m often tasked to explain the word or “Google it” as we say in our household when we’re curious about something.  Examples of new words added to SU’s vocabulary would be: vacuous: mindless, inane, silly (that one I knew, I equated it to being vacant in the head), mordant: biting, caustic, sarcastic (I know a few people like that) and jackanapes: an impertinent young person, a whippersnapper (a bit of an old-fashioned word).  It’s interesting to note that most of the words used at the end of the program have to do with human behaviour.

Learning language is a lifetime process.  And for those of us learning a second language it may very well be the death of us.  No, not really but sometimes it feels like it.  Language is words, a whole bunch of them strung together to communicate in the distinctively human way (although studies have shown that animals communicate), using a series of words shared by people who are of the same community or country, the same geographic region or that share the same customs.  But, I digress: (leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing) so I’ll just bring on today’s video, which is about words.  It’s brought to you by Mental Floss this week and tells us a bit about words used in daily language that were invented by authors. When it’s all spelled out language, no matter if it is your first, second or third  is all about bringing people together…in the campo.



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  1. Sunnymikkel says:

    Nice blog, liked the youtube! You can also get a word a day from John Maxwell, the Author, at:

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