La Araña Grande

For many weeks we had a very large spider living high up in our biggest palm tree.  Once Dry Season began, bringing with it some of the strongest winds we’ve ever experienced, we noticed that the web was getting very tattered.  Every day we’d visit but soon it was obvious that the spider had moved on.

More often than not lately I’ve taken the time to walk around our small yard to note how the sun lights each small space at different times of day.  While taking my contemplative walk today I looked under a tangle of Coconut Palm, Red Passion Fruit Vine and White Bougainvillea.  And there in a slightly more sheltered spot was La Araña Grande in her beautiful golden web.


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5 Responses to La Araña Grande

  1. schuttzie says:

    Great photo! I just love to take photos of nature and the environment 🙂

  2. Sunnymikkel says:

    We constantly have these webs in our back yard. It is interesting watching them move when the strong gusts of wind hit them, they bend, but seldom break.

  3. That certainly is a respect-inducing spider! I remember seeing huge spiders like this one in Jamaica. Their webs were suspended between trees, taking up as much space as a shower curtain. You don’t want to accidentally walk into a web like that.

    • indacampo says:

      This one’s web is a yellow color and yes, quite large. It picked a good spot this time because there are lots of little black bees that hang around the vine it’s connected to.

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