Snapshot Sunday ~ 01/02/2015

Boomer alerted us to this little frog hopping through the yard after SU watered a few evenings ago.  To give you some idea of the size of this tiny critter, imagine that the blades of this Panamanian type grass are about .75 cm at the widest point and at most 3 cm long.

This little guy was moving constantly so it was a little difficult to get close enough while he wasn’t in motion to get a picture…in the campo.



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3 Responses to Snapshot Sunday ~ 01/02/2015

  1. Sunnymikkel says:

    We Have now had 2 of the BIG frogs in our yard in the last two weeks! The cats surround them but stay at least a couple of feet away from them.

    • indacampo says:

      We still have one that likes to hang out on the front wall once the sun goes down. Must be good eating there. 🙂

  2. Jerry says:

    Greetings guys. We are living in Boquete and have been here for 9 months now. We are finally getting time to travel and want to see more of this beautiful country we have adopted. We will be driving to Pedasi tomorrow and will arrive late in the afternoon for a two day stay. Kris suggested we contact you and perhaps we could meet you and spend a little time to benefit from your knowledge of that area. If you get this in time would you please let us know what a good hotel would be to stay in? If this is just too short a time, we totally understand and will just look forward to meeting you at a future time. We heard that Carnival has not started yet so wanted to get there before it does. We look forward to meeting you. Thanks for any information you could share with us about the area as we may be interested in locating there. Jerry & Jennifer Moellenkamp

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