Good Morning Panama

We´re in Panama for a couple of days.   This is the beautiful sunrise off the Bay of Panama from our balcony this morning.


The Bay of Panama is a stopping point and wintering area for more than twenty-four migratory birds from North America heading for warmer climates.  A court decision in 2013 rescued, at least part of it from destruction.  As in much of Panama,  the environment in the area is endangered by development and pollution.  The bay is also home to a large  fishing industry and the mangroves and wetlands supports other endangered animals including jaguars, tapirs and sea turtles.

In the past the government has allowed important wetland areas and mangroves to be filled to allow for development,  hopefully this is a step in realizing the importance of protecting the ecosystem.  There is also an ongoing project to improve sanitary conditions in low-income neighborhoods and to reduce pollution levels in city streams and rivers by upgrading and expanding the sewage system and potable water systems to clean up the Bay of Panama.  Now if they could only get people to stop dropping garbage on the roads…

Good morning and Feliz Lunes from the city!

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5 Responses to Good Morning Panama

  1. pklainer says:

    Panama City has changed so much since I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the 1960’s. As development has exploded, so has pollution in the Bay of Panama. People used to swim there, but no longer. I’m hoping that as part of the new focus on infrastructure, the government and people are becoming more invested in the kinds of systems that mitigate pollution, and the kinds of behaviors – like putting trash in receptacles – that will keep roads and neighborhoods cleaner. This pic is beautiful!

    • indacampo says:


      The amount of garbage on the roads and in the towns is also something that needs to be worked on if the government wants to attract tourism. We have a new young mayor in our town who seems to understand this but poco a poco. Now if they could just get the waterworks finished and the roads repaired from where they keep digging to put in the waterworks…

      • pklainer says:

        for Karen: Rio Hato is bad too. When I have friends come to visit and we drive over to the village someone always asks, “why is there garbage all over the place?” Back in the day animals used to scavenge what was thrown out, and there was less of it to begin with – no wrappings, bottles, plastic chips bags, used Pampers. Rio Hato has garbage receptacles and garbage collection, but it’s not widely enough used.

  2. Sunnymikkel says:

    Hola from Tucson, AZ Missing the humidity of Panama, it is soooooooooooooo dry here!\

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