Talk Thursday ~ Baby, Baby, Baby!

Friends of ours have recently announced that they “have a bun in the oven”.  Actually I think that’s not really a Panameño term but they are expecting to add two little feet to their home next year.  We are pretty excited for them and we went out to supper last night to celebrate at our favorite “celebrate and have conversation” places Pasta y Vino.

Once we were seated the topic of conversation quickly turned to what the sex of the baby might be, childbirth etc.  I was interested to find out about how the medical system works in Panama for those who are covered by Social Security healthcare and if the mother to be had been given vitamins, if she would be given a sonogram later etc.  I had heard that many doctors in private practice schedule cesareans and I asked about that and we discussed the merits of natural child-birth over a “scheduled” child-birth.  You know, typical dinner conversation…maybe not.  It was a wonderful evening and we are very happy to be sharing in the excitement,  Over the course of the next months, given my inquisitive nature, I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot about how the maternity system works in Panama.

The papa to be already had us try to guess if we thought the baby would be a boy or a girl.  I felt it was way to early to speculate given that the little one is the size of a bean now, SU replied that he always just hoped for a healthy child.  With that theme in mind today I bring you a video that explains how, at the early stages of life we were once all girls.  (If references to anatomy offend you best skip this one, although it is nicely animated.)  And now that I’ve done my bit to help expand your mind I’m off to enjoy my coffee on the back porch and listen to the morning birds…in the campo.




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2 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ Baby, Baby, Baby!

  1. Sunnymikkel says:

    Ja, Ja, Ja, I think this is female propaganda to try and attribute more female characteristics to men, ask SU if he thinks that he started out as a female! ;>}}

  2. Loved the little video which was very cute and informative! I’ll be sharing it with my SU! Anita

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