Ted Talk Thursday ~ Look Past the Disguise

This is the time of year where there will start to be several new faces around our little community.  Yesterday, after a day of errands and running around SU was telling me about some of his plans for today.  He mentioned that he had to go to one of the relatively new businesses in our community.  I mentioned that this person really seemed happy with his surroundings and has an appreciation of what nature has to offer.

It’s been my observation that the most content and yes, happiest people are the ones that appreciate their surroundings and what they have.  I see beautiful pictures posted by  community members showcasing Isla Iguana, the sunrise and sunset and even the stormy skies over the ocean.  Many have discovered that every day is a voyage of discovery,  you just have to open your heart and your eyes and look past the disguise to appreciate it.

I watched this video from Frans Lanting when it came out in October.  It’s short, but  carries a powerful message about how we are all interconnected with every other living thing.  As I watched it again I began to think about how it’s also a powerful reminder of how we need to pause and think about what brings us joy and fills us up and take the time to do those things. I feel truly blessed that I’ve been given the time to rediscover those things and to appreciate what I have and make the most of them. As Mr. Lanting says in this video “Let’s find a way to join the dance”…in the campo.


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One Response to Ted Talk Thursday ~ Look Past the Disguise

  1. Great talk, and wonderful photos. Thanks!

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