Talk Thursday ~ Thinking Out Loud

Last night the Country Music Awards were awarded.  I only know this because there was a brief recap on the news this morning.  I also read about the winners in the Edmonton Journal which arrives faithfully on my brand new Kindle Fire 6 every morning but Sunday.  Yes, my first edition Kindle Fire finally gave up the ghost but the new one has some fancy features that the old one didn’t.

SU and I were talking this morning while watching the news we really don’t know much about  the music scene anymore.  Well, lets face it, SU’s idea of music is the oldie but goodies Big Band music from the 40’s and 50’s, he’s lost in the time warp.  The radio station that we listen to plays English music and has a penchant for playing at least one Bee Gees song a day.  We now find that our day isn’t complete now without the Bee Gees.  Lately though it has become a little more hip with the times and is playing newer music which is a blessed relief.  They’ve even begun reporting the Top 5 Album and Singles list for the UK and USA.  The top song lately has been All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor and it’s a catchy tune about being happy with your body and it carries a good, positive message.  Today though Meghan lost the top spot to Ed Sheehan and his tune Thinking Out Loud.  I’m a sucker for songs with lyrics that are clear and I can understand and this is one of them.  And so today I’d like to share it with you…from the campo.



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