Day Two ~ Independence Days

This morning I caught the Flag Day Parade at the road that comes down from the school and then I whipped further down Calle Principal and caught up with it again.   Once again here are some of my favourite captures of the morning.

There was a tipico band leading today’s festivities along with woman dressed in a pollera.  When the parade started it was raining lightly but it didn’t last for long.  The parade leaders looked like they were enjoying themselves.

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I didn’t mention yesterday that the students and flags all have black ribbons attached to them in memory of the young student that was struck by lightning and killed in the school yard on October 24th.  I noticed that some of the parade participants were the same as yesterday, but it’s also likely that different classes have turns on different days.  In some cases it seemed that the younger students were taking their turn with the drumming and strutting.

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The acrobats of Instituto Plinio Antonio Moscoso de Pedasí were the same group as yesterday with nice clean shirts on that didn’t stay that way too long.


When the tipico band got to the end of the street they had an extra drummer with them:


The temperature is over 33° and the humidity is pretty high with the threat of rain hanging in the air. Some of the marchers seemed very hot and uncomfortable and I don’t blame them, it’s a bit of a sweatbox…in the campo.


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