Day One ~ Independence Days

Yesterday, November 2, was the  Dia de los Muertos in Panama. On this day Panameños go to cemeteries to tidy up the graves of their loved ones, decorate their headstones, and pay their respects with offerings of food and flowers. It’s a “dry day” stores and restaurants cannot sell alcohol after midnight and for the entire day. It’s also very quiet, no music from the cantina or from elsewhere. At 12:00 + 1 second Panama’s independence festivities begin the following day, which is today. This week sees the first of a series of independence days in this country, four national holidays in total, plus sometimes one extra day, when many businesses will be closed.  As per the norm the discotheque went all through the night until 6:00 a.m. and began again later in the morning.

The Patria holidays consist of; November 3 – Separation Day, November 4 – Flag Day, November 5 – Colon Day, November 10 – Cry for Independence Villa de Los Santos, November 28 – Independence Day.  The celebrations always include marching and drum playing and this morning was no exception.  The local school kids paraded through town and around the square in the 33° heatwave we seem to be getting now.  Ever faithful, and having promised some of my English students that I would go watch I was there as soon as SU pointed out that he could hear the drums in the distance.  The internet is reallllyyy slow due to the influx of people using their cellphones but here are a few of my favourite pics from today…in the campo.

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3 Responses to Day One ~ Independence Days

  1. mcmoller says:

    Reblogged this on Our Third Life-Pedasi, Panama and commented:
    November is a month full of National holidays in Panama. This morning when I heard the drums, I hurried to get dressed and walk down to the townsqare, only to catch the end of the parade. They usually circle around town 2-3 times, but this day, only once. I understand they will be back tomorrow. Did get some pics of some sack races and a car parade with the Calle Abajo queen & princesses in the afternoon (possibly post another day). But my blogger friend Karen wrote a good summary of the holidays and took se great pictures of this morning’s parade. Now if I can only sleep through the loud music & fireworks tonight. Closing the bedroom windows & turning on the AC may help to drown out the noise a little.

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