La Festival de las Carretas 2014 ~ La Coronación y La Pollera

After the entrance of Señorita Pedasi 2014, Miss Lucy was escorted up the many stairs to the stage for her coronation.

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The crown was carried in a Pintao by two wee ones, who proceeded across the floor and up the stairs where Señorita Pedasi 2013 placed the crown on the head of Señorita Pedasi 2014.

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After the coronation the new Señorita Pedasi went on a walk about to show off her new crown.  While she walked there was some narration about the colors and the construction of her pollera.

Lucy’s pollera and shawl (rebozo) for the two days of festivities was done in various shades and tones of red and orange.  The pollera is made of two separate pieces, a shirt and a Pollerón (long skirt) made of a fine white fabric background and handmade lace and embroidery.   The Pollerón (skirt) has three different segments, the pretina (upper waistline ), the body and the susto” (lower part) and a white petticoat (enagua) trimmed in lace is worn beneath it. The white fabric of the Pollerón and the shirt are decorated with handmade inserts that are sewn directly on them.  Other decorative work is cut off from other fabric and then finely sewed over the  fabric. The most expensive polleras have more complex decorations such as embroidered shading and tatting inserts.  The Pollera de Lujo like both Señoritas are wearing is one of the most expensive style of pollera and because of the amount of hand labour that goes into making a this style of pollera it usually takes six months to a year to complete.

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The Pollera de Lujo many jewels and hair ornaments to fancy it up even more.  Tradtional white tembleques  and shell and gold hair combs are worn in the hair, gold bracelets are worn on the wrists and several pendants and chains are worn around the neck.  I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that the ribbons, the pom-poms and the flat ballerina-like satin shoes are always the same color.  On Lucy, they were blue.

After Señorita Pedasi 2014 took her walk around it was time for Señorita Pedasi 2013 to say goodbye.  She also walked around one last time to thank everyone for their support, there was a presentation and then had one last dance with her compañero.

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After Señorita Pedasi 2013 and her group took their seats the Parade Marshall was presented and then there was the presentation of the flag to the abanderado, who also turned out to be the Master of Ceremonies.  This part was quite cute because he was really touched and honored to have the job.  He made a lengthy speech about how he “had no words” to describe what an honor it was for him and how it “touched his heart”.  The more he said; “No tengo palabras” and then continued on the more comical and yet touching I found it.



Tomorrow, the first dance of Señorita Pedasi 2014 and one of her compañeros…in the campo.


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3 Responses to La Festival de las Carretas 2014 ~ La Coronación y La Pollera

  1. We were lucky enough to attend the Pollera festival in Las Tablas this July and we were amazed at the skill, creativity and time that is involved in making these gorgeous dresses. And the men look just as fabulous in their traditional shirts and Panama hats!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the great photos

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