Talk Thursday ~ Honoring the Past While Manufacturing the Future

This is the TED Talk that I tried to post last Thursday when all the TED embed codes were missing, now they’ve magically reappeared again.

There is a bit of talk about 3D printing lately especially about the way it’s going to change the way we all live.  I came across this article just the other day about how one day our meat will be made with a 3D printer.  If you’re not familiar with what 3D printing is the video today may help you understand a bit more.

3D printing is a method of creating three-dimensional objects from a digital file, using a 3D modeling program. Layers of material are laid down until the finished piece is made. If the object is sliced the layers can be seen. 3D machines can’t print metal, or anything that needs to be melted to squeeze through a tube. A home 3D machine costs about $500-$1,000+ or if you’re feeling crafty and don’t want to spend the money on your own printer the UPS Stores has rolled out 3D printer service in some of their stores in the US.

The speaker today is Avi Reichental who has been the President and CEO of 3D Systems since September 2003. 3D Systems has evolved and expanded its business model from the original inventor of 3D printing to the only provider that empowers professionals, creators and users worldwide to help them with their own design-to-manufacturing methods.

I also read about a couple of Canadian fellows who were attending the Maker Faire festival in Queens, N.Y a couple of weeks ago that have a start-up company  that uses 3D printing.  The twist on the printing device that they were demonstrating was that they were creating items using Nutella….hmmmm…Nutella….

Amazing technology but I can’t see it arriving here any time soon…in the campo.




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4 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ Honoring the Past While Manufacturing the Future

  1. Pathway To Portugal says:

    It’s very amazing and very cool! In the medical world they are using 3D printers with silk to make screws for bones that never need to be removed. They dissolve as the bone regrows. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy reading your blog.

    • indacampo says:

      And thank you for reading.

      Technology is amazing but I don’t know if I could every eat meat that came out of a printer. But I guess I should never say never!

      • Pathway To Portugal says:

        I agree!

      • Pathway To Portugal says:

        If the 3D printer used Vegetable ink to print the 3D beef could it be considered vegetarian or will it taste just like chicken? LOL

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