They’re Noisy and Yet So Cute

When one lives backing a tract of agricultural land one also lives along a “bird highway”.  Early in the morning as the sun is rising the sky around our back yard area and beyond is filled with birds of all kinds.  Later in the day as the sun is getting ready to go down the trend is reversed; those birds that have flown South in the morning return North and those that have flown North fly back South.  It’s one big expanse of open land that the birds use to fly through without fear of hitting any large buildings along the way.  Well, except for the few Ground Doves that seem to think it’s cool every once in a while to try to fly through the wire fence, leaving feathers flying everywhere and a dazed bird on the other side.

Among the noisiest birds in the campo are the Brown Throated Parakeets.  The flocks have grown exponentially over the last couple of years and everyone knows when they are in the hood.  The parakeets favorite food is mangoes.  They will eat the fruit as it hangs on the tree until there is nothing but a pit left to fall to the ground.  One of their favorite things to do however, is to take a couple of pecks out of the fruit and leave the rest for the ants.

We have several mango trees in the area but mangoes are finished for the season and now the birds are on the hunt for smaller fruits and seeds.  There is a small flock that has hung around some of the trees around here for part of the day and yesterday they alighted on the tree in back of the new house that is under construction.  I grabbed the camera to see if I could get the rabble rousers to stay still long enough to get a couple of good pictures.  They are a bit difficult to see but try and pick them out as they blend in with the leaves of the tree.  Here are our noisy friends…in the campo.

IMG_8542 IMG_8544 IMG_8545 IMG_8548 IMG_8557



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6 Responses to They’re Noisy and Yet So Cute

  1. What fun! Looking for the birds in your photos is kind of like the books “Where’s Waldo” ! The parakeets are masters at camouflaging themselves. When we lived near Tamarindo, Costa Rica this spring we also enjoyed the brilliant green parakeets twice daily arrivals and returns and the cacophony that announce their route.

  2. Sunnymikkel says:

    Saw at least one in every picture, thanks for the “Where is Waldo” hunt!

  3. Pathway To Portugal says:

    That’s awesome!

  4. Great job catching them with your camera!

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