Talk Thursday ~ A Hot Dog by Any Other Name

Today is supposed to be TED Talk Thursday and yep…had the talk all picked out…spent time writing about it…and…no embed code.  They all seem to have disappeared from the TED site.  I could have shared the video today by a YouTube embed…if the video had been there.

After much frustration I’ll have to leave it for another day and if the embed codes don’t show up again I’ll have to get the TED’s from what is uploaded to YouTube in future.  As it is I’ve found plenty of interesting videos on the web and I’ve decided that TED Talk Thursday will now just be Talk Thursday.

I chose today’s video based on our experience with the every lovin’ hot dog.  SU is a big fan of a North American style hot dog, his dad not so much.  (The FIL toured a meat-packing plant once where they made hot dogs, needless to say he hasn’t had one since.)  I have had a craving for a hot dog in the past while traveling in different countries and have been handed what has been branded on the menu as a “Hot Dog” that is anything but.  The best hot dog (and potato salad) I’ve ever eaten was in Germany, I think that I ate my way around Germany and had to “test” the frankfurters out in every Gasthaus in every little town. In Panama the “salchichas” are not very “hot doggy” tasting, we’ve had some pretty ummm, gross ones.  You can even get a type that is made from corn and yep, it is yellow and pasty and tastes pretty much like it looks.

In the video today from Mental Floss the question asked is; “Who Invented the Hot Dog?”   Who would have known the question was so controversial?  After much trial and error we were able to find some Turkey Dogs here to satisfy SU’s taste buds every once in a while…in the campo.




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3 Responses to Talk Thursday ~ A Hot Dog by Any Other Name

  1. Sunnymikkel says:

    In Los Estados Unidos, “Hot Dogs” are made of everything including the Mooooo or the Oink, but most also contain cellulose as a filler, and as you know, cellulose is “wood”. So next time you or the SU wants a “Hot Dog”, go chew on a tree!

    • indacampo says:

      And that’s why I have a tendency not to be so enthusiastic about them. And also why the FIL has been totally off of them for decades… Have you try a hot dog from the weenie cart in the square?

  2. prior says:

    well even if the Ted talk did not work out – this hot dog one is fun

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