In the Twilight Hours

A couple of evenings ago SU and I were wrapping up our nightly observation of critters in the campo and gathering our things to go inside when I noticed a somewhat large critter making a new home in the palm in front of the porch.

We watched for several minutes as a huge spider spun its enormous web.  SU was concerned that it might be a Brown Widow Spider and kept on asking me to take a look at its tummy for an hourglass. Having just seen a brown mark that didn’t look like an hourglass I’m still not sure what kind of spider it is however; I managed to grab the camera and take some pictures of the very pretty arachnid.  I used a slower F-stop and I rather like blur that shows our friend in motion.

If there are any spider aficionados out there feel free to identify our pal.  I was hoping to get some better pictures in the early morning sunlight the following day.  To my disappointment our guest vacated the premises sometime during the night and there was very little remaining of the beautiful web it was making.  Perhaps one of our bat buddies swept by in the night for a spider feast …in the campo.5

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5 Responses to In the Twilight Hours

  1. Sunnymikkel says:

    We have had several LARGE green and yellow spiders making huge webs in both the front and back yards. They and the webs they spin are very beautiful.

  2. Great spider. I wish I knew enough about spiders to know what it is though

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