TED Talk Thursday ~Harvest Time

Yesterday SU and I ran into Las Tablas for a few items most notably fresh fruit and vegetables for our salads and morning smoothies.  On the way home we stopped in Santo Domingo at what I call the “Pineapple Dude” and bought two large, juicy pineapples for a few dollars.  When I got home and unpacked everything I wished I had purchased a papaya and a watermelon even though the refrigerator couldn’t have held much more with the bags of six beets, six guayaba, carrots and other such fresh food.  SU cut down our papaya trees while I was in Canada and I miss them although we have some more started it while take some time before they grow and produce.  We’ve also decided that pineapples take up too much space for the time they take to grow, but we still have bananas and our second bunch in a month will be ready soon.

Many of my friends and family are picking the bounty from their gardens in Canada as it is time to harvest before the first frost arrives to kill everything.  Some will be pickling and baking I know at least one friend whose garden has been so good this year she’ll be donating some of her produce to the local food bank.  I’ve been reading about the urban gardening movement in Edmonton and some groups have grown food for profit.  Reclaim Urban Farm has 15 sites totaling about one-fifth of a hectare on borrowed land, mostly vacant lots in the city.

Today’s TED Talk by Ashley Atkinson is actually at TEDMED Talk from last year.  Detroit has gone through a major decline in recent years. The car industry has suffered from worldwide competition and much of the remaining production has been moved out of Detroit, which now has some of the highest crime rates in the US. The city filed the largest municipal bankruptcy case in US history last year. In this Talk Ms. Atkinson speaks about how groups in Detroit are trying to promote a food independent city where the majority of produce that its residents eat is grown within the city’s limits.


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