Awesome Saturday for Los Animales!!!

I’ve posted about the Spay and Neuter group that has been formed in our community several times, I’ll post the links below if any of you would like to check them out.  The formal name is Animal Advocates of Pedasi/Defensores de los Animales de Pedasi and we even have a cool logo, created by Connie’s esposo Mikkel.

Animal Advocates Jpeg

Connie graciously took over as Chief Slave Driver President a little while ago and our little group has the wonderful good fortune to have grown in the last few months.  You can find Connie’s posting about the last spay clinic that took place while I was in Canada here.

Yesterday our merry band of volunteers held a patio sale and marketplace in the cancha (basketball court) to raise some funding to help subsidize the work we’re trying to do and bring awareness to the community of who we are.  The funds we raise help to subsidize the sterilization of some of the local pets and pay for a monthly advertisement in our local paper.  Some of the local artisans were invited to the market for a low $5.00 per spot.  We were a little worried that we hadn’t gotten the word out but our fears were laid to rest when we arrived to set up just before 7:00 am and there were already people waiting.   We had some really great “stuff” to sell, household goods and clothing practically sold themselves and one of the stranger items that we sold were a pair of skis; snow skies.  Rumour has it that there is a crazy pair of Canucks that are going to use them on the beach.

It was a long, rewarding day monetarily for our group and hopefully for the other vendors but it also feels good to be raising awareness about animal care and control in our community.  I’m sure Connie will be writing a post of her own about the event but I’d like to put my thanks forward to all who helped with set up and tear down, donated items for sale, gave of their time, Buena Vida Language School  and Casa Lajajagua who both came forward with raffle prizes, and all the vendors who spent the day with us.   And to the community, gracias a todos, even if you only spent 10¢ it’s still 10¢ more than we had on Friday to help an animal in our district…in the campo.

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 More about our group…

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2 Responses to Awesome Saturday for Los Animales!!!

  1. Sunnymikkel says:

    Thank you Karen for being the Chief Money Collector and Treasurer, you do an awesome job of keeping and dispersing the funds we collect.

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