Fray ~ Refriega, Lucha, Combate,  Melee, Fight, Combat

Fray (noun)

A situation of intense activity, typically one incorporating an element of aggression or competition.  A battle or fight.

Every October our small town celebrates its culture and folklore with the celebration of the Festival de las Carretas, la Cultura y el Folclore.  I posted about the presentation of Señorita Pedasi 2014 last week in preparation of this year’s festival.

When presented with the word “fray” for this week’s photo challenge the “fray” of the Running of the Bulls that is part of the Festival de las Carretas came to mind.  After the desfile entries are judged and the parade is completed the Vaqueros take over.  Two trucks are brought into Parque Central, one truck has a smallish bull and the other a larger one.  To get the Vaqueros warmed up the small one is released first and the brave young men, usually the ones that have consumed the most seco, try to get on the bulls back.  There is much yelling and screaming and running around the square as the poor beast is ridden and wrestled back into the truck it came in before the larger animal is released.  Usually no one is successful in getting on the larger beast’s back and the Vaqueros on horseback end up corralling it on our street.

Some might call this fray barbaric but it is the tradition of Panameño culture…in the campo.


 Wade into the fray:

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