Introducing Seńorita Pedasi 2014

…tradition is the mechanism that binds us to the past; tells us where we come from, and who we are, in order to plan ahead hoping that its value is sealed in the minds of our new generations. ~ Fundación Amigos de Pedasí ~

Our area of the Azuero Penisula is known for its “off the hook” celebration of Carnaval but we also have many other celebrations throughout the year.  Out of those my favourite is La Festival de las Carretas, la Cultura y el Folklore or The Cart Festival. I love the polleras, the carts and the community atmosphere of the celebration.   This year marks the 12th year for the festival and the fourth time we’ll be in attendance taking in all the festivities.

On Saturday night the Fundación Amigos de Pedasí (The Friends of Pedasi Foundation) held a Noche Tipico Bailable (Tipico Dance) with lively tipico music and songs.  The event was also an opportunity to present Seńorita Pedasi 2014 because; after all it’s not a fiesta, festival or a celebration in Panama without a Queen.  The twist this year is that Seńorita Pedasi is not Panamanian by birth (nor are her parents) but was born about 13,993 km away in Australia.  You’d never know it though because she speaks Spanish like a native and the family is well-integrated into the community.   Welcome Lucy Carolin Pollard, Seńorita Pedasi 2014:


The crown isn’t passed on until the Friday of the Festival.  On Saturday there is music, dancing, flowers and a sash.  And afterwards more music, dancing, Seco and Soberana.

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Pedasi is considered to be a sleepy little district and the center of Panameño folkloric culture.   A couple of years ago another friend was the representative flag bearer for the event.  By integrating and inviting the community into the local celebrations everyone Panameño and los extranjeros alike can gain a better understanding of the cultural values and the people…in the campo.


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9 Responses to Introducing Seńorita Pedasi 2014

  1. pklainer says:

    Karen, these are great photos and you’re right … Pedasi is right in the middle of the best of Panama’s folkloric culture. Love the red shoes on the new Senorita Pedasi!

    • indacampo says:

      Lucy’s tall anyway but I’m sure those with those shoes she stood about seven feet!

      • pklainer says:

        for Karen: She looks gorgeous. I’m sure you and SU danced, right? 🙂

      • indacampo says:

        No, Eric took a tumble while I was gone and is having some back trouble. We didn’t stay too long after the presentation, but it was sure fun to watch some of the older couples dance.

      • pklainer says:

        for Karen: Minga loves to dance, although she hasn’t in recent years because her joints hurt and her feet hurt. I’ll bet she was something when she took the dance floor as a younger woman.

  2. Wonderful, love it!

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