Fortifications ~ WP Weekly Photo Challenge, Zig Zag

The origin of the word “zig zag” is from the early 18th century from the French language as translated from the German Zickzack, symbolic of alternation of direction, first applied to fortifications.

While we were detained for a few days in the city we decided that we would take in a few sites that we hadn’t had the opportunity to see.  Panama Viejo or Panama La Vieja is the remaining part of the old Panama City that was founded in 1519 and later sacked and looted by Henry Morgan in 1670.  Together with Casco Viejo or Casco Antiguo that was built after the destruction of the original city, Panama Viejo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The excavation of the original Panama is located through some twisting roads adjacent to a suburb of the modern Panama.  The highest remaining building is the Cathedral tower that is at the far end of the ruins where you can glimpse old and new Panama.

Panama Vieja

More zigzags:



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5 Responses to Fortifications ~ WP Weekly Photo Challenge, Zig Zag

  1. Thank you the info on the history 🙂
    Great photo to go with it!

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