Ted Talk Thursday (Or Not) ~ Cold

The idea for today’s video came from mi mama. She thought that I should let everybody know that I’m slowly adapting to the lower temperatures since arriving for my visit. In truth I’m still finding it cool but I’ve adapted by wearing warmer clothes.

Let’s do a little weather comparison:

Pedasi Weather Edmonton Weather

A quick perusal would say that the weather forecast isn’t that much different but a look at the temperatures, especially the daily temperatures tell a different tale.  I’m just glad that I have my fluffy housecoats and socks at Mom’s house.

Wearing a jacket to go out today, bundling up so to speak in the cold rainy weather made me wonder that if I would be susceptible to a cold in an environment that I’m not used to any more.  I found this video by Canadians Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown.  They are the founders and creators of ASAP Science a Youtube channel dedicated to explaining science in a simple way that appeals to the masses.  Graduates from the University of Guelph with degrees in biological science they use whiteboard animation to create science videos that everyone can relate to.

It’s gratifying to know that the reason I haven’t had a cold for over two years is because of all the time I spend outdoors.  I just have to remember to get myself outside for the next few weeks even while I’m not…in the campo.




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4 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday (Or Not) ~ Cold

  1. shellmcc1106 says:

    Great video, hopefully I will stay cold free when we move to Pedasi. Even though after every airplane ride, I tend to get one.

    • indacampo says:

      I thought I got away without one this time…and then the allergies to the pine pollen kicked in and three cold sores popped up. 😦

  2. Outdoors, warm air, sunshine, humidity…. yep, sounds good! Good luck up there, hope you remain happy and healthy, even if a bit chilly.

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