A Journey to the Homeland

It’s now one week since my arrival in the wee hours last Wednesday to the Kelowna airport. This last week has consisted of 23+ hours of travel (more on that in a future post) and a short stay with Dusty and El Gordo at their new home. A further one hour flight brought me into Calgary and a visit with my brother’s family and then a three-hour car ride the next day to my mother’s home in Edmonton.

So far I’ve developed three cold sores and used a plethora of moisturizer in my quest not to look too lizard like. In keeping with the lizard persona I’m only warm when the sun is directly on me and even then I still need a cardigan or the hoodie my brother graciously lent me. I don’t know what made me think that because my trip was coinciding with the arrival of Summer in Canada that I would be warm enough without a fleece coat, and yes, SU tried to get me to take one but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of taking it out of the storage closet.

My visit thus far has included five stops at Wal-Mart where I continue to be overwhelmed by the choice, whether it is in the clothing, food, or pharmacy/beauty sections; after over two years of having a very limited range of items to choose from the bright colors and choices confuse me. Even yesterday when Mom and I went for a few groceries the assortment of cat food was stupefying. The easiest section to shop in was the fruit and vegetables albeit all the pre-chopped and bagged items left me bewildered.

I’m still getting used to the bigger houses, bigger trucks and yes even bigger gatos that are full of even more gatotude. Amidst all the strangeness one would think that I’d spent my whole life…in the campo.

Boots Lego



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5 Responses to A Journey to the Homeland

  1. Pathway To Portugal says:

    Gatotude! What a great new word. Pretty kitties!

  2. Wynne Wilson says:

    Wish I had known you were coming through Kelowna as I live here! Enjoy your Canadian summer trip.

  3. Carol says:

    Awww adorable Gatos’

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