It’s Wet Season…Yes There are Bugs and Stuff that Go With Them ~ Part 1

Wet Season brings with it all sorts of beauty.   The feel of a cool breeze just before the rain begins, the clean smell after the rain has left and the sound of the twittering birds who are happy that the rain brings the bugs and they can eat heartily.  And that brings me to something that I don’t like about Wet Season and that is the plethora of the many bugs that comes with it.

I’m not down on all bugs.  I think a Dragonfly drying its wings after the rain is a thing of beauty; or a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower in the garden, a glorious sight indeed! I enjoy watching the Fireflies flitting about at night in the yard and the open campo; they are something we never had in Alberta.

During Wet Season the Scorpions seem to go on their merry way to make room for other bugs to party on.  What I don’t like are the big, gross June bugs the dirty House Flies  the mosquitoes and the Chitras that return with the rain .   The June bugs haven’t been as bad this year as in the previous two years, except if you’re outside right after the rain at night and then one my find oneself getting beaned in the head.  We also had a few days of large flying ants who amazingly flew a short time and then all appeared to start dying.  Thankfully we had none around the house.

Most of the nasty bugs are harmless except for certain types of mosquitoes and certain types of chitras.  There is still an ongoing battle against Dengue in Panama.  A Ministerio de Salud truck came around last week and fogged for mosquitoes  and this time they actually came down our street.  There is a continuing campaign to get people to understand that standing water breeds mosquitoes and that garbage around houses, in the streets and in the ditches are the perfect spot for the nasties.    With the return of Wet Season it’s even more of a concern.

In trying to keep it free of mosquito larvae we’ll be adding some soap to our water fountain in the back garden so the little pests can’t get in there and lay eggs.  We’ll also remove the dishes from underneath the potted plants that were so important to conserving water during Dry Season.  I’ve seen many yards around town that could do with a little clean up.  This may be another bumper season for Dengue unless the message gets through…in the campo.



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2 Responses to It’s Wet Season…Yes There are Bugs and Stuff that Go With Them ~ Part 1

  1. I’m with you..bugs…blah! We’ve had a horrible time with houseflys up here in Boquete. Its just now begining to let up but sheeesh!

  2. sunnymikkel says:

    Bugs are the one bad thing about having Chicita, because she is a fruit eater, there are always a couple of hundred fruit flies around her cage!

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