Más Aves ~ WP Photo Challenge

Every year around this time several tractors travel about the campo cutting big swaths of weeds and tilling the ground in preparation for the planting of arroz.    Tilling the ground stirs up a great variety of critters such as mice, snakes and lizards that have lurked there all through Dry Season.  When the tractors arrive so do the Cattle Egrets that usually follow the cattle around feeding on the bugs they stir up.

When I looked out this morning there were many of the white birds having a feast out in the campo while the tractor went up and down the rows.  Unfortunately these extra aves made the very territorial Southern Lapwings very angry and they proceeded to let all critters big and small know just how unhappy they were.

I caught a few of them in flight while they were preparing to dive bomb the bird visitors who seemed unfazed by all the commotion.  But if you look closely you’ll see one extra looking on, wondering what it’s crazy relatives are doing…in the campo.


Looking for more great extras?  Here’s just a few…


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