I Have an Appendage and I Call Him “Boomer”

Boomer had decided that today he will be by my side constantly.  My little shadow has parked himself wherever I am in the house, most likely not out of love for me but of love for his favorite thing, FOOD.

The other day El Gordo, Dusty, SU and I were marveling at our gatos.  El Gordo and Dusty have two litter mates of Boomer and Bandit and another classy lassy that they found abandoned in their front ditch.  We all agreed that all our kitties certainly are characters with very distinct preferences and personalities.  Our cats are very well socialized because of the amount of time we’ve spent with them.

As I was writing this Boomer hit a button that took me back up to the first sentence.  He’s so helpful.


I figured that since he’s not going to let me get much else done we might as well enjoy a few minutes together toodling around the computer.  I found this funny video produced by the makers of Boomer’s favorite FOOD, Friskies.  As you can see, Boomer is all over the part where the cat is fed:


And now I have chores to do.  Boomer will most likely think that because I’m moving it will be FOOD time.  Maybe I’ll just haul out the Vakoom and suck up some of the cat hair that has accumulated about the casa and see what happens…in the campo.


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4 Responses to I Have an Appendage and I Call Him “Boomer”

  1. Wonderful photos of Boomer….he’s beautiful! looks like he’s ready to leap into the computer… I feel his energy!

  2. Boomer just looks too cute watching the computer! 😀

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