Splishy Splashy Raindroppy Sounds

As I was watching the rain this morning, I was thinking of how afterwards the earth just seems able to absorb it, lapping it up like a thirsty dog.  We don’t mind the rain, it keeps the dust and dirt down and brings cooler temperatures with it although; it doesn’t usually get below 28° and anything below that feels cold.

The nice thing about the rain is what comes afterward.  Some of the critters of the campo like to splash around in the puddles and wait for their food to float to the surface like our neighbourhood Southern Lapwings.


The hummingbirds don’t let the rain deter them either.  They still flit about the garden and afterwards will alight to the fence, a bobbing branch or the electrical line to dry out.


The most amusing sight after a big rain is the vultures.  They will often be seen on the tops of trees with their wings fanned out to dry.  Yesterday SU pointed out a big group of them on the other side of the fence.  Wondering what all the commotion was about and worrying that they were after something in the grass I wandered over with the camera.  The committee was hopping around the ground and some perched on the fence but most of them had their wings spread to dry.

vulture 2 vulture 1

The rooster from the corner and his harem will often wander down the road on rainy days. These chickens really are Free Range.  They must find the bugs tastier and more plentiful on this side of the road.


For now the blue skies are trying to creep back in and as predicted the ground has absorbed almost all the water that fell to Earth.  I watched out the front window as a large flock of parakeets flew from tree to tree, flashes of green, chattering away; interrupting the songs of the birds and the peacefulness after the rain…in the campo.


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One Response to Splishy Splashy Raindroppy Sounds

  1. pklainer says:

    Rainy season is not my favorite time in da campo because of the increased humidity and number of bugs. But you put an appealing face on rainy days!! Love the hummingbird photo. Pam

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