A Room with a View ~ WP Photo Challenge

One of  the definitions of “room” is: a part or division of a building enclosed by walls, floor, and ceiling.  This last week we’ve had rain in the evening often carrying through the morning and then clearing up.  Today we are totally socked in and the rain clouds just keep rolling in over the ocean.

One of the nice things about most houses in Panama is that when discussing size the term used is “square footage under roof”.  This means that the outdoor living area is included in the square footage of the house, and although the outdoor area doesn’t technically qualify by definition most houses have an outdoor living/dining room covered by a roof.

Even though it is raining today, we are still able to sit outside in our outdoor living area.  There we can listen to the monkeys talking to each other over the trees from the river, hear the crashing of the waves down on the distant shore, take note of how long it takes the thunder to boom after the lightning and watch the rain drip from the roof in our room with a view…in the campo.


 Looking for a room?



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4 Responses to A Room with a View ~ WP Photo Challenge

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  2. I love outdoor living space! We’re so lucky here that we can use it year around, day and night.

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