Ted Talk Thursday ~ Shoes

Yesterday we took a trip to Chitre and I convinced the Spousal Unit that a trip to the mall  was warranted.  I needed to pick up a few things at Madison, one of the few “Walmart without the food” department stores in our region.

When it comes to footwear and clothing my general philosophy as of late has been if I’m going to buy something be it clothing or footwear then something equal in my wardrobe has to leave the premises.  This can be accomplished by setting it aside for donation to one of the fundraising yard sales or if the item is worn out then by trashing said item.  It’s not difficult to trash my clothing in our environment it seems to wear out very quickly and yesterday I was on the hunt for footwear.

I’m continually amazed at how many of the Panamanian women (especially in the city) maneuver around in four-inch plus heels considering that Panama is not a very walkable country.  By this I mean there aren’t a lot of sidewalks that are in really good repair and I’d be worried about twisting an ankle.  Although, I have to admit that many women do not look like they are enjoying trying to keep their shoes on their feet, walk and look sexy while they are putting it all together.

My main choice of footwear is flip-flops.  I have a multitude of colors that I interchange and I leave my “fancier” low heeled sandals for dress up. I’ve paid anywhere from $ 1.69 to $8.00 for a pair of stylin’ flippies and recently I had to get rid of my favorites; a blue pair with embellishments on them that garnered a few compliments from my fellow flip-flop shod friends.

I always find it interesting to see the recommended price on some of the items here.  My two new pairs of shoes were both marked at $19.99.  I paid $3.99 for these:


And $5.99 for these:


Today’s Ted Talk is related to my shoe shopping.  I rarely wear shoes these days that need laces other than if I wear my running shoes for a workout.  The two pairs I brought with me two years ago are still in very good condition. But the video is not just about tying shoes. If you want to explore other people’s thoughts on the shoe tying exercise go to the website here and read the comments.  I usually do, sometimes they are very thought-provoking.   Sometimes it’s just people wanting to “hear themselves talk”.  Here’s my observations:

  • Tying your shoelaces is a learned habit and that’s why it feels like it’s the “normal” or the “correct” way;
  • Learning anything new takes work and practice, whether it’s tying your shoelaces a new way or learning a different language; and
  • Learning anything new including the “better” way of tying your shoes will feel strange because it is counter to your normal pattern.

Sometimes one needs to step outside our normal patterns and shake things up a bit if you’re leery of doing something life changing.  Try the shoe tying for starters if you’re stuck and move on from there.  I’ll have to dig out the runners to try that exercise, although I’m not sure I need it.  After all we live…in the campo.


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3 Responses to Ted Talk Thursday ~ Shoes

  1. If only I had learned to tie my shoes correctly! 😀

    • My younger daughter almost flunked kindergarten because she couldn’t tie her shoes. I’d never thought to teach her because they all had velcro. Thankfully she was a fast learner.

      • indacampo says:

        LOL! I don’t even know what they need to know in kindergarten anymore…calculus maybe?

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